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When you’ve been pulled over for driving while under the influence, your entire future can change in an instant. There can be stiff penalties involved, including:crashed car in DUI accident

  • a suspended license
  • jail time
  • thousands of dollars in fines

Depending on the circumstances, it may also be possible for the charges to be felony charges.

Our legal team understands how much of an impact these penalties and criminal charges can have on your future but there is hope – you have legal options and can fight the charges filed against you, with our help.

Through careful investigation, we examine the circumstances surrounding the stop and arrest, the chemical tests administered, the sobriety tests administered, and more. Then, depending on what we determine, we either fight the charges entirely or we negotiate a plea bargain. This can greatly reduce the penalties experienced by our clients.

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  • Our Legal Team Can Reduce Your DUI Fines

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Too many drivers don’t realize that they have the legal right to fight a DUI and just accept the penalties that are handed out to them. But police officers and testing equipment aren’t perfect and often, the charges can be dismissed entirely or the penalties reduced – but only if the plaintiff works with an experienced DUI defense attorney.

Our legal team fully understands DUI / DWI law and we know how best to fight for you. We’ve helped thousands of driver keep their licenses, reduced their fines, and made sure their future wasn’t completely ruined by an arrest.

We offer free consultations so that we can review the case and determine how best our law firm can help you. Contact us now to learn more.

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Drunk Driving Lawyers Investigating How Arrests Happened

  • We Can Determine If A Police Officer Had Good Reason To Pull You Over

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  • We Can Get Your Sentence Reduced

If you or a loved one were recently charged with a DUI or DWI our experienced team of lawyers can help. We car hit by a drunk driveroffer free reviews of cases where we determine why a police officer chose to pull over the driver, how the driver was tested for alcohol if that test was administered correctly, and we also review the client’s driving records.

We are prepared to fight the charges in court if a plea bargain isn’t an appropriate option. In the majority of cases, we are able to greatly reduce the fines, jail time, and licensing restrictions a client is hit with. Given how this can impact a person’s future and career, we fully understand how important it is to aggressively fight for you.

Don’t hesitate to call us now – time is running out.

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