The festive season is fast approaching within the few weeks and months. There is a crunch down of celebrations and other festive activities all lined up that are attached to this season. The coming months will see the festivities associated with days including:

  • Holiday time DWI crackdownThanksgiving
  • Christmas and a myriad of other days all associated with the holidays celebrations
  • New Year’s Eve

With such celebrations, merrymaking and enjoyment come with binge and careless drinking. There are a lot of
reported incidences related to careless drinking; on top of the list is driving vehicles while intoxicated or DWI. This almost always results in accidents occurring. There is an increased incidence of reported accidents caused as a result of driving while intoxicated in New York City. These accidents are tied down to a lot of casualties, some who die in the process and some left in debilitating states that have impacts on their entire lives.

Death Statistics Due To DWI

Reports by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in NY released in 2013 records 350 cases of fatalities related to drunk driving, which is a 30 percent of the entire deaths on the roads of NY. This is not inclusive of the number of those left with lifetime injuries that have a devastating impact on their entire lives.

The approach by MADD has resulted in the crackdown of law officers apprehending those found driving while intoxicated. This drive by community-based organizations is out to ensure the reduction of accidents that result from drunk driving.

Crackdowns In NY And Their Importance

New York has a lot of initiatives aimed at reducing the number of accidents that come across as a result of drunk driving. Crackdowns by state police and other relevant organizations are all geared towards curbing this worrying vice. It is important to applaud such efforts that are geared towards making our roads safer, especially during the fast approaching festive season.

Friends and families out celebrating usually involve massive alcohol intake as a way of merry making. People involved in such festivities are on many occasions involved with drunk driving. The festive season is associated with a lot of people traveling, meaning more people are found on our roads during this period increasing the risk of accidents occurring. With the high population of NY, the number of casualties involved in accidents is also increased.

The NY State launched the ‘STOP-DWI Crackdown Weekend’ several years ago to reduce the incidences that arise
especially during this festive season. This initiative works in coordination with the municipal government and the state police to ensure the enforcement of the stipulated laws in the reduction of cases caused by drunk driving. This initiative aims at apprehending people found driving while drunk and enlightening the public to the dangers associated with drunk driving.

The ‘STOP-DWI Crackdown Weekend’ also focuses on ensuring that the arrested culprits are arraigned in a court of law. Punitive measures have been installed to punish the law breakers. The fine or prison sentences put forth acts as lessons to general public.

Choose To Act Responsibly

In case you are caught out drunk; you should not attempt to drive while intoxicated. It is wise that you contact the services of a cab or call a friend or family member to drive you. This will ensure that you arrive home safe, avoid conflicts with law enforcers and getting involved in avoidable road accidents.

Basically, it is important that law enforcers and the relevant authorities ensure the necessary measures are enforced to reduce the occurrence of accidents that are as a result of DWI, especially during the approaching festive season.