Holiday Season DWI Crackdown In NY

The festive season is fast approaching within the few weeks and months. There is a crunch down of celebrations and other festive activities all lined up that are attached to this season. The coming months will see the festivities associated with days including: Thanksgiving Christmas and a myriad of other days all associated with the [...]

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Understanding New York’s Zero Tolerance Law

On November 1, 1996, New York State enacted a "Zero Tolerance" Law, which established strict blood alcohol concentration levels and firm penalties associated with infractions. Unlike what defendants encounter from criminal court proceedings, the standard of proof at a Department of Motor Vehicles' hearing following a violation of the Zero Tolerance Law is much lower. [...]

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Facing A DWAI In New York

Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) is considered a traffic infraction in the state of New York. If you are charged with a DWAI, the prosecutor in your case will only have to prove that there was an extent of impairment in your ability to drive. DWAI is a lower level of "drunk-driving" offense in New [...]

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Drinks That Increase Your BAC

In the world of alcoholic drinks there are two types of consumers; those that drink for pleasure and those that drink to get drunk. Unfortunately, there are some drinks no matter which camp you are in that will seem less potent than they actually are. This is very important if you still plan to drive [...]